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About Us

The key to today’s banking is an interactive, intuitive and efficient Customer Experience Solution that is flexible across industries. That is how Digital Banking emerged and the landscape is fast-changing by innovative value-added services deployed on existing systems along with integrating proven products. What began as just a discussion on changing the banking scenario to suit customers and enhancing their experience, shapes Modefin today. Garnering expertise and experience in disbursing solutions that serve a customer, for over 20 years, the fundamentals were sown to grow a solution platform catering to varied industries and yet root for customer experience management. The need to revolutionize digital banking drove us further into creating solutions that are solidly backed with proficiency and perfection.While change is the only constant, we root ourselves in providing effective and efficient customer experience solutions, besides improving customer convenience, ensuring time-saving methods and perking up profitability.

MFS is a privately held company with HQ at Bangalore (India). Started in 2011, we have worked our way through the growth ladder having presence in 14+ countries today with offices in Middle East (Bahrain), West Africa (Ghana) and East Africa (Kenya). A brainchild of the founders – mobile banking through apps, led MFS to pioneer in introducing mobile account opening solution and launching the Mobile Wallet in the Gulf Continent Countries, changing the face of online banking in the area. Our consistent presence in Africa has fetched us over 60 customers with many of them winning awards for Digital Services.

Our Vision

“Preferred Financial Technology Service Provider”

Our Mission

“To provide best in class financial technology platform for enabling last mile connectivity”

Why Come to Modefin?

3rd Party Integration
Projects Delivered

Accelerating the digital transformation of banks with intelligent & innovative digital banking solutions

Modefin offers a suite of ready-to-market digital financial products tailored to meet the needs of the banks and financial service providers and helping them to accelerate digital adoption.


Our Methodology

Modefin has multiple delivery channels but focuses on the core process of the final output. We ensure a comprehensive, hi-security, reliable, usage flexibility for both banks and their customers. Making solutions readily available, Modefin paves the way to a system that is versatile in approach and delivery. Striving to perfect its products, we involve carefully articulated work process into the working of MFS

Our Leadership Team

Amarnath Chowdary


A B.E graduate from Bangalore University & an all-in-one skill master, Amar steers the company in the right direction by lending his expertise in multiple areas like risk management, investor relations, executive advisory & decision support & more

Amit Darda


An MBA graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science engineering, Amit spearheads the global sales team at ModeFin. He has 12 years of leadership experience in business development/operations, strategic planning & more.

Deepthi G


An HR and Payroll Manager by qualification, Deepthi is responsible for budget preparations, forecasts, all financial transactions & closures and at the same time monitors company policies & develops operational procedures.

Harinath Chowdary


Director & Promoter at MFS, Harinath Chowdary also lends his expertise in Human Resource management. An MSC graduate in Biotechnology, he has been part of the MFS family since inception & is an active operational head of the company.

Modefin Clients

The meaning and depth of any business are valued considering the customers it has garnered. We at Modefin are grateful to our customers and clients whose patronage has helped us build on our efforts to succeed and give our best. These are the very persons, institutions and industries who vouch for our efforts and acclaim the reliability of our solutions. Our customer experience goals gain value when we receive affirmation of our efforts.