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Alerting Engine

Modefin’s alerting engine allows banks & financial institutions to engage customers with real-time alerts from diverse systems based on their preferences. It helps the customers to manage their transactions efficiently and effectively. This enables banks to build trust and loyalty with their customer base and gain an edge over their competitors.

The unmatched flexibility of the alerting engine helps to capture events and transactions on diverse channels and provides actionable alerts to the customers.

Platform Features

Deliver alerts through various digital messaging channels/endpoints including SMS, email and push notification delivery

Subscription-based alerts help customers receive relevant alerts

Supports both real-time and batch-based triggering of alerts

Publish alerts across multiple channels and devices

Multilingual alerts allow customers to receive alerts in the language of their choice

Integration with diverse systems such as customer care, risk management, online & offline enrolment tools, and smart reporting tools.

Business Benefits

Customer Retention

The alerting engine comes with customer-centric capabilities that help your customers to monitor their banking transactions in real-time and through their preferred channels of communication. It equips the customers to perform and manage their banking activities with ease and confidence. This enhances the image of the banks & financial institutions as a financial advisor resulting in customer loyalty and retention.

Reduced Fraud Rates

As the alerting engine provides timely information to customers, it helps to identify any irregularities quickly and mitigate the risk of fraud & prevent any ensuing losses.

Increased Efficiency

The alerting engine powered by a single delivery system can automatically send alerts to multiple endpoints efficiently. It can be integrated with the tracking system that helps to track the communications sent to the customer and the subsequent customer actions. This optimizes the processing time and enhances responsiveness to customer queries.

Accelerating the digital transformation of banks with intelligent & innovative digital banking solutions

Modefin offers a suite of ready-to-market digital financial products tailored to meet the needs of the banks and financial service providers and helping them to accelerate digital adoption.


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