Infosys Finacle Innovation Awards program aims to inspire and celebrate innovations within the Finacle ecosystem. This award recognizes that dfcu bank is on the path of inspiring better banking by taking novel approaches to differentiate themselves and staying ahead of the competition. It will always drive creating ‘better’ value for the customers.
dfcu Bank’s Investment Club App has emerged as the Platinum Winner for the Infosys Finacle Innovation Awards 2023 under Business Model Innovation!
The App was among over 200 nominations across ten categories by Infosys worldwide. The winners were selected by a panel of esteemed experts consisting of global leaders in banking and technology, and the dfcu App emerged as the winner in its respective category.
Dfcu Bank’s Innovation team ideated the Investment App, a by-product of collaborative work with Modefin, an award-winning Digital Banking and Fintech Solution provider to Banks across the globe. In the vision to bank the under and unbanked Savings Groups, dfcu worked with Modefin to create a digital solution that is easy to access and use across multiple operating systems.
Modefin joined with DFCU on this journey of Orchestrating this vision into reality. Modefin was involved in product conceptualization, creating user journeys, and deploying our award-winning solution to meet the requirements until going live. Even today, Modefin is working with DFCU on enhancing the existing features based on continuous feedback and business requirements. So that this unique product, “Investment Clubs,” created by DFCU, will keep growing in the market

Amarnath Chowdary, Managing Director at Modefin, said: “We have shown what can be accomplished when two influential, purpose-driven organizations come together to deliver exceptional results. Kudos to the dfcu Bank and Modefin teams for their vision, dedication, and commitment to creating a future-centric app that is changing the game in Digital Banking.”

Veronica Sentongo, Chief Change and Innovation Officer at dfcu bank said, “We are delighted that our partnership with Modefin has yielded this state-of-the-art Innovation which has taken its rightful place in the realms of excellence. At dfcu Bank, delivering exceptional value to our customers through technology is a strategic priority. Thus, our cutting-edge platform has empowered over 40,372 clubs & SACCOS in Uganda by optimizing their Savings Group operations and allowing seamless convenience through its intuitive interface.



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About Modefin

Modefin is an award-winning Digital Banking and Fintech Solution provider to Banks across the globe. Today close to 65+ banks across Africa use Modefin Solution, a testimony to Modefin’s leadership position and maturity in the solution. Modefin specializes in providing infinite banking possibilities for banks of any size to accelerate their digital transformation & stay ahead of the competition. Modefin aims to deliver quality products and services that are reliable, built on long-standing values and relationships, win customers’ confidence, and enhance their lives. Modefin’s One Platform approach, coupled with the vision of “Co-Create & Co-Develop,” gives Banks ample opportunity to innovate on our platform to meet various business needs in the challenging environment without having any dependency on our platform. This is Modefin’s DNA and USP when compared to our competitors.

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About dfcu bank

A subsidiary of dfcu Limited, dfcu Bank is a leading banking and financial services company domiciled in Uganda. It came into existence in May 2000 following dfcu’s acquisition of Gold Trust Bank to extending universal banking services alongside the pre-existing equity finance; long term development finance; leasing and working capital finance.
Its objective was to support long-term development projects whose financing needs and risk did not appeal to the then existing financial commercial lending institutions.

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