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Modefin’s DigiQ is a fully scalable queue management solution that helps banks to reduce queue lengths and customer waiting times. Our solution is user-friendly, can be easily implemented and customized as per the needs of the banks. It helps banks to manage both single-line as well as multi-line queues and cater to a wide array of banking service requests from customers easily and efficiently.

DigiQ can be integrated with your existing IT assets and has a monitoring module that helps you to have a 360 degree understanding of the audience visiting the bank. Digital signage is also integrated into the queue management system which supports the display of video and scroll ads for cross-selling opportunities.

DigiQ helps banks to manage customer flow right from the point of their entry to the point of their exit and comprises of the following components:

Central Monitoring System


A central monitoring system helps to present the next set of tokens to be serviced on a display screen along with the counter number of tellers and can be customized to include digital signage.

Queue Management System


Modefin’s queue management system allows customers to access digital queues via both tablet and mobile apps. Customers can use the tablet available at the branch or login to the bank’s mobile app to generate tokens for their selected service. The system also sends alerts to the customer upon the generation of a token along with the wait time information. By logging into the mobile app, customers can access the digital queue of the nearest branch and generate tokens from the comfort of their homes.

Teller Module


The teller module provides a web-based interface where the teller can log in and view the real-time display of token numbers, wait times and service statistics.

Customer Feedback System


A feedback form is made available to the customer after their service request is processed to record their valuable feedback. It is then sent to the central administrative module for analyzing the customer response.

Central Administrative Module


The administrative module helps the central office to review the performance of all the branches and the productivity of the bank employees. It helps to give a graphical view on various metrics such as customer behavior, employee performance, peak hours, peak day and other service-related metrics through detailed and customized reports.


Reduces queue length, as well as perceived and actual customer wait times thus improving customer satisfaction

Organizes your lines and enforces business rules – appointments, priorities and so forth which help to improve business productivity

Entertains waiting customers with integrated digital signage

Enables performance and service level analysis, thus helping management streamline customer service and reduce operational costs

Allows for cross-selling opportunities through video and scroll ads

Enables customer profile based prioritization which helps to create positive customer experiences

Accelerating the digital transformation of banks with intelligent & innovative digital banking solutions

Modefin offers a suite of ready-to-market digital financial products tailored to meet the needs of the banks and financial service providers and helping them to accelerate digital adoption.


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