28th January, 2021

3:30 PM IST


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    Amarnath Chowdary

    Founder & CEO


    How BOB is making digitization a part of its business

      Dorji Kadin

      CEO, Bank of Bhutan

      Learn how digital banking is being leveraged and could contribute to Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness index.

      His Majesty The King of Bhutan asks:

      “How are we able to leverage technology? As a small country, unencumbered by the complexities faced by much larger countries, we can do things faster and better than others. Our institutions can be smart, flexible, responsive, dynamic and efficient.”

      What does this mean for banking in Bhutan?

      To learn the answers to this question and other interesting facets of Bhutan’s banking ecosystem, Modefin has invited Mr. Dorji Kadin, CEO, Bank of Bhutan, to 2021’s first edition of the Boardroom Talk.

      Join Amarnath Chowdary, CEO, Modefin, as he and Mr. Dorji Kadin, CEO, Bank of Bhutan discuss:

      • Overview of Bhutan’s banking landscape
      • Current banking trends including open banking in Bhutan
      • Regulatory outlook on Bhutan’s banking landscape and their impact on new banking trends
      • Real-time challenges faced by banks in Bhutan and how they are gearing