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Do banks have to really become more ‘social’?

Is keyboard banking easy to integrate and is it worth it?

Can next-gen customers be acquired and engaged via social banking?

Will social banking make banking apps redundant?

Is it safe to make P2P payments via a social media app using the keyboard?

Should banks be worried about regulatory compliance on social banking?

Banks need to be agile and alert to their customers’ expectations and continually strive to add value to their service offerings. The ‘what’ is as important as the ‘how’ when it comes to digital banking and enhancing customer experience. It’s time to explore the facets of ‘social banking’ and if it can lead to a bank’s digital banking transformation. Join in the conversation with leading industry experts and gear up to make changes in your digital banking strategy.


April 27, 2021


3:30 PM IST


1 hr



Speaker Details

Indranil Basu Roy

Chief Business Officer

Ronald Webb

Founder – Director of Financial Services Consulting Former Director, Financial Services & Head of MPESA, Kenya at Safaricom