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At Modefin, we take our work seriously but what is more important is a conducive environment for our people to work in. Comfortable, ergonomically designed office spaces, pleasantly coloured and decored walls and relaxing areas, help our team enhance their capabilities and outputs. A great plus is that our work family, who have been with us over the years, have no intention of migrating.

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Culture of Modefin

    Our culture reflects credentials of PRISM.
    P – Professional
    R – Responsible
    I – Innovative
    S – Smart
    M – Measurable / Multinational

    True to PRISM characteristic of observing any light and emitting into a colourful ray, we believe in bringing out the best from every one and utilising the available resources to conquer the challenges posed by our clients. There by giving best to our clients in fulfilling the promise of our vision and Mission.
    Today our employees are from diverse background. We give importance to individual skill sets rather than their place of education, individual background etc.

    Our products are Innovative and time changing
    We work as a smart team led by individual responsibilities.
    Our clients and staff are multinational. Making us as one of the proven “Financial Technology Provider” across the globe.

    Latest @ Modefin

    Men’s Day Celebration

    Team Modefin celebrated International Men’s Day in office. The female employees paid a fitting tribute to their male colleagues with their awesome dance performances & a dazzling fashion show.

    Modefin Cricket Tournament

    Modefin Cricket tournament 2019 was held on 14th September. Four teams participated in the tournament with the most deserving team winning the cup in a real nail-biter in the final.

    Christmas Day celebrations

    An amazing day with loads of Fun, Frolic & Laughter!!! Gifts being shared and Santa being revealed. The celebration began with a scrumptious potluck lunch and ended with a cake cutting ceremony.

    Join our team in Bangalore, India to help reshape the banking industry and create cutting-edge solutions that reach over millions of customers worldwide.

    Our CSR

    When one talks about how society is the prima-facie of one’s success and failure, it shows how humanity relies on inter-dependency. The society by large gives us our customers and contributes towards maintaining our resource pool and it is only natural to give back.

    Some are privileged and others, not so. How does one bring up the life quotient of these at least to be able to stand confident in the society? That’s where the responsibility of a business entity comes into play – share with the society for you to reap something in return.

    Our CEO Amarnath Chowdary laid the flagstone for ‘Amardeep Foundation’ in May 2016 along with key members Deepthi, Lavanya, Megha. The foundation primarily helps children in need – pushing them towards an education that can help them climb the ladder of social success, and also sponsors valuable campaigns.

    Under this wonderful venture, we ensure study materials are provided for schools to give to their students who cannot afford them.

    These ongoing sponsorship activities makes us responsible for the communal growth of the nation. We hope one day several other helping hands join us in making this a larger endeavour.