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Merchant Acquiring and Payment Solution from Modefin


A seamless checkout at the counter creates an everlasting impression of the merchant, while delays and flaws may mar the purchase experience. Modefin’s Merchant Acquiring and Payment solution, embedded with the latest technology, enables merchants engaged in any kind of business – from shop to supermarket – to accept digital payments.

Merchant Solution

value proposition Why Merchant Acquiring Solution from Modefin

Merchant Payment Solution

Flexible and stable application for Card, Wallet or QR Code Acquiring.

Merchant Solution

Can be deployed by the acquiring Bank, or non-banking player such as a telco or payment processing company

Merchant Solution

Creates a link between merchants, issuers, and payment networks - providing authorization, clearing and settlement, dispute management and information services.

Merchant payment solution

Advanced features ensure higher merchant engagement and a swift and secure end-customer experience.

Merchant Solution

Admin Module incorporates Reports & Dashboard, Reconciliation, Limit Configuration and Pin Block Configuration.

Merchant Solution

Integrates with devices such as Android POS, mPOS and Thermal Printer.


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Success Stories

Eazzy Pay Equity Bank

Eazzypay Kenya

Equity Bank efforts to digitalize retail commerce operations through EazzyPay has paid off; Captures 15% of the total mobile money transfer market within the first year of its operation.

Family Bank

Family Bank Kenya

It is axiomatic in banking that diverse banks offer uniform services such as savings, lending and payments, yet their success rate differs from country to country.

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