Merchant Payment Solution from Modefin

Scale up the merchant business


Merchant Payment Solution is an omnichannel and comprehensive platform that will help banks provide a complete suite of services and products to manage and operate Merchants of various sizes and categories, making them Digital Merchants. The solution will provide an end-to-end product stack to digitize the Merchant network, ensuring quick adaption of digital payments and more accessible access for the merchants.
Merchant Payment Solution From Modefin

value proposition Why Merchant Payment Solution from Modefin

Digital Onboarding

Ease of account opening with simple identity management

Group Savings & Lending Solution

Notification alerts over soundbox, SMS, Push Notification

Mobile Banking

Static and Dynamic QR based Payments

Icons Lego Block Design To Create New Products Or Augment Existing Range

One centralized and seamless merchant management portal

Merchant Solution

Early payment options for merchants to unblock the pending amount

Merchant payment solution

Track down the status of your transactions, and resolve issues right away. It’s quicker and easier than most standalone tools.

Merchant Payment Solution

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Modefin Merchant Payment solution helps businesses streamline their payment processes and improve their bottom line. With the solution, one can regularly monitor for any potential security threats and take the necessary steps to mitigate them.


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Success Stories

Agent Banking - Bank of Bhutan

Bank of Bhutan

Bank of Bhutan offers an advanced suite of digital banking applications, loaded with safety, convenience, and comfort, to its customer base of over 350,000.

Atlasmara Success

Atlas Mara Zambia

Atlas Mara Zambia, founded in 2013 in Zambia, acquired BancABC and Finance Bank of Zambia as part of its consolidation strategy.

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