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Mobile Based Account Opening

​Mobile-based Account Opening module from Modefin is a smart and intuitive onboarding solution that ensures improved customer experience and increased completion rates. Our solution is flexible, secure and reliable which helps to empower your field agents to initiate the on-boarding process on the go.

The module is built on cutting edge mobile technology that is efficient, scalable and designed to handle the processing of large volumes of data.

Our mobile-based account opening solution helps banks and mobile wallet operators to reach out to unbanked and underbanked populations even in the remotest areas conveniently and ensures availability of financial services thereby contributing to financial inclusion.


The module is supported by a dynamic built-in workflow to meet the various account opening requirements of banks.

The mobile-friendly interface enables your field agents to easily open new accounts at your customer’s convenience.

eKYC helps to capture customer information on mobile devices and allows for automatic reuse of the customer data.

Banks can upload customer information into the core banking system and track the application status in real-time.

The module can be customized and integrated with the banks’ existing products.

Ensures all mandatory checks from verifications to detecting suspicious activity and documenting are compliant as per regulatory norms.


The system allows customers to be enrolled/ acquired at their doorstep, unlike a traditional model that forces customers to come to the branch.

The process is quicker and simpler both for the customer and the bank, yet maintains the banking rigor.

It allows for real-time identity verification thereby enhancing the transparency of the process.

Helps to mitigate fraud by generating real-time reports on the mobile platform for complete audit trails.

Eliminates the need for manual data entry process and automates the online document verification.

Allows for optimum utilization of existing Infrastructure while minimizing the cost of investment.

Accelerating the digital transformation of banks with intelligent & innovative digital banking solutions

Modefin offers a suite of ready-to-market digital financial products tailored to meet the needs of the banks and financial service providers and helping them to accelerate digital adoption.


Modefin Clients

The meaning and depth of any business are valued considering the customers it has garnered. We at Modefin are grateful to our customers and clients whose patronage has helped us build on our efforts to succeed and give our best. These are the very persons, institutions and industries who vouch for our efforts and acclaim the reliability of our solutions. Our customer experience goals gain value when we receive affirmation of our efforts.