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Mobile POS

While the future is digital, the plastic currency is paving the way for more sophisticated products such as our Mobile POS– Mobile Point of Sale. Modefin’s Mobile POS is a scalable and flexible solution that enables merchants to accept card payments using smartphones & tablets. Our solution has two major components – a POS device with an Android app and a complete backend system for banks. The solution is an inbuilt process system that can be integrated with acquiring banks or payment service providers.

Modefin’s suite of Mobile POS solutions allows banks to offer a quicker and convenient way for merchants to accept card payments from customers without the need for investing in costly traditional POS machines. It is an end-to-end card payment solution for merchants that comes with world-class security and is compatible with the latest operating systems and smart devices.


Graphical Dashboard and configurable backend system

POS services with customized branding

Notifications via SMS and/or mail to banks, merchants, and customers

End to end PA DSS compliant solution; encrypted transactions from card reader to acquiring bank/payment service providers

Customizable functionalities for each concerned

Economical POS machines

Terminal Management System

Banks can easily deploy and securely manage multiple Mobile POS devices from a central web console remotely. Our terminal management system allows the user to optimize the functionality of Mobile POS devices. Merchants can easily update the security and merchant settings throughout their payment transaction system. The solution gives you complete control over your Mobile POS devices and system and allows you to quickly load merchant, encryption and terminal data without interrupting everyday operations using a single, intuitive interface.

Merchant Portal

Our solution provides a simple and secure web-based merchant management portal which allows for real-time management of transactions from the POS device. It allows the merchants to revert any transaction using the portal without having to go to the branch. Merchants can access real-time reports on transactions and customers. Banks can use the portal for onboarding new merchants and block and unblock merchants.

Merchant Benefits

Convert any smartphone into a POS device

Lower operation and set-up costs

Accept card payments anytime anywhere in a few simple steps

Unlock new business opportunities thereby improving sales revenue

Improved cash flow

Get instant access to reports on real-time transactions

Bank Benefits

Cost Saving on POS Devices

Bank will also a get graphical dashboard and configurable backend system

Bank can launch Mobile POS services with customized Branding

One device-multiple card types decreasing IT administration costs

Rapid penetration into new merchant segments

Acquisition of new revenue streams and customers

Accelerating the digital transformation of banks with intelligent & innovative digital banking solutions

Modefin offers a suite of ready-to-market digital financial products tailored to meet the needs of the banks and financial service providers and helping them to accelerate digital adoption.


Modefin Clients

The meaning and depth of any business are valued considering the customers it has garnered. We at Modefin are grateful to our customers and clients whose patronage has helped us build on our efforts to succeed and give our best. These are the very persons, institutions and industries who vouch for our efforts and acclaim the reliability of our solutions. Our customer experience goals gain value when we receive affirmation of our efforts.