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Modefin Product Advisory Council


Modefin is committed to altering the banking scenario by offering interactive and intuitive Customer Experience Solutions. It is our constant endeavour to engage with banks and financial institutions proactively to design innovative value-added services. We offer banks and financial institutions a comprehensive and integrated suite of products that can revolutionize digital banking, improve profitability, and enhance the customer experience.

Modefin Product Advisory Council (MPAC) is our attempt to solicit guidance and feedback on our products as we create relevant, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for our clients.


The MPAC’s mission is to align our product strategy according to the needs of our clients. Ultimately, the objective is to focus on long-term performance, strategic planning, and growth. These goals can be easily attained when clients offer suggestions/feedback on our products as they rate the same based on the “real-world challenges” they face. The feedback will not only help us to design a product that is relevant to the banking world but is bound to help us design the next generation of business tools.


MPAC will consist of global clients along with key people from Modefin.

To identify the challenges faced by our clients (banks and financial institutions) worldwide.

To organise customer recommendations and focus on important issues.

To engage in consultations at periodic review points in the development life cycle.

To identify best practices, requirements, potential solu-tions, and implementation app-roaches to develop the perfect version of the product suite.

MPAC Membership

Pradeep Kumar

As the Head of Product Development and Innovation, Pradeep sets the product roadmap while prioritizing development to achieve the strategic goals or initiatives behind the same.

Amit Darda

As the COO of Modefin, Amit brings in 12 years of leadership experience in business development/operations and strategic plan-ning.

Indranil Basu Roy

As the CBO, Roy is the authority, when it comes to Modefin’s overall revenue. Among others, he drives the global field engage-ments, viz. Sales, Solutions Consulting, Marketing, and Alliances.

MPAC Membership Selection

Members and Registration Details

Membership to the MPAC is by invite only. Modefin will send the MPAC membership invites to the banks and financial institutions through email. There is no membership fee.

Nomination of Members

The nomination of members to the MPAC is left entirely up to the banks or financial institutions. The emails will be addressed to the Chief Executive Officers, and they can represent the bank or financial institution themselves, or nominate any other person they deem fit.

Membership Validity

The membership to the MPAC is permanent unless the bank or financial institution specifically requests for a cancellation. However, Modefin will cross-check and verify the nominees annually.

Benefits of membership

The feedback and suggestions provided by you may influence the development of the product ultimately meeting your (and industry) needs more effectively.

You will have access to information about the plans, stages of development, and previews of the product and other innovations.

MPAC will feature the best of professionals from the fintech industry (we have clients all over the globe). Being part of the council will be an enriching experience, as members share and gain knowledge through the process.

MPAC offers unfettered and first access to ideas and innovations at Modefin.

Modefin’s clients will have a vital role to play in shaping the products that are a critical part of their business. They will have early visibility to Modefin’s key strategic decisions, challenges, and opportunities. This will help them and their firms with their strategies too.

Participation in the MPAC is purely voluntary, but it is the perfect opportunity to play a role in designing the best product for your business.

MPAC Meetings

The MPAC will meet monthly and the meetings will last for 2 hours. The topics for discussion will include industry trends, bank’s short and long-term plans, and other exciting developments in the concerned markets. Apart from this, Modefin will present developments in the product’s life cycle. The members will be called upon to share insights with regards to:


Assistance or suggestions in identifying requirements concerning their company and industry


Review the product-specific design and provide feedback for completeness.

Beta Testing

Beta testing results will be shared and reviewed.

MPAC Registration Form

Please provide the below requested information so that we may assess your candidacy:

Modefin Clients

The meaning and depth of any business are valued considering the customers it has garnered. We at Modefin are grateful to our customers and clients whose patronage has helped us build on our efforts to succeed and give our best. These are the very persons, institutions and industries who vouch for our efforts and acclaim the reliability of our solutions. Our customer experience goals gain value when we receive affirmation of our efforts.