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Elevate your payment game with offline payments

Offline payments solution A groundbreaking payment solution that ensures convenience, even in areas with limited or no network connectivity

The Offline Payment solution represents an advanced stage in digital transactions, providing ease and assurance for successful payments anywhere
Offline Payment Solutions

Offline Payment Solution Features

Cashless Payment

Localized Processing

The solution is available as an on-device to use whenever needed.

Batch Processing Icon

Batch Processing

Add money Offline and use it later to make small payments even when you or the merchant (or both) are offline.

Compatibility With Core Systems

Compatibility with core systems

Offline Payment will ease the burden on core banking systems and enable deferred payment processing in low- or no-network situations.


Data Security

Using the latest innovative technology makes the Sub-wallets secure and safe to put funds in.

No Network Dependency Icon

No Network Dependency

Offline payments facilitate easy customer transactions, expanding business reach to areas lacking online payment accessibility.


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Success Stories

Agent Banking - Bank of Bhutan

Bank of Bhutan

Bank of Bhutan offers an advanced suite of digital banking applications, loaded with safety, convenience, and comfort, to its customer base of over 350,000.

Atlasmara Success

Atlas Mara Zambia

Atlas Mara Zambia, founded in 2013 in Zambia, acquired BancABC and Finance Bank of Zambia as part of its consolidation strategy.

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