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Modefin SMS Banking solution supports Push and Pull messaging capabilities; on the one hand, it generates various alerts based on financial transactions in the core system and forwards them to the SMSC to be delivered to end customers. On the other hand, customers can request specific information through SMS. The sent data is parsed and forwarded to the core financial system for response. The retrieved response is delivered back to the customers via SMSC.

It will enable bank customers to access their bank account, investment account, and Demat account on their Mobile Phones. Users can get the latest updates on account balance, salary credits, large debits, extensive credits, holding value, and more on mobile anytime. It is quick, easy, and available 24/7.

Sms Banking

value proposition Why Bank on SMS Banking from Modefin

Children Banking Solution

Priority and queue-based, enabling SMS to have priority and assured delivery.

Mobile banking solution

Multiple SMSC support & easy configuration enhances product capability.

Internet Banking

Support Multi Lingual Messaging Format.

Keyboard Banking Solution

Features Automatic Recovery, Access to POP3 accounts, Readymade Templates, Auditing and reporting, Live Status Monitoring, and Campaign Management.

Maker Checker Safeguard

Secured with encryption technologies, security PIN, and password logins.

Loyalty & Rewards Management

User Registration Management for Maintenance of User Role, Admin Rights, and Access permissions.

Customer-Centric Banking

Sms Banking Brochure

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Bank customers can stay in the loop with their money and get all their banking updates via Text with Modefin SMS banking solution. Make managing money easy and convenient for your customers – get alerts, transfer funds, and more directly to customer inbox!


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Success Stories

Agent Banking - Bank of Bhutan

Bank of Bhutan

Bank of Bhutan offers an advanced suite of digital banking applications, loaded with safety, convenience, and comfort, to its customer base of over 350,000.

Case study UMB Bank

Universal Merchant Bank Ghana

Universal Merchant Bank (UMB) is a leading indigenous bank in Ghana which offers a diverse range of financial services to meet the banking needs of its customers.

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