Resolving the merger of
two banks with one solution

Atlas Mara Bank, Zambia – Case Study

About Atlas Mara Bank, Zambia

Atlas Mara Zambia, founded in 2013 in Zambia, acquired BancABC and Finance Bank of Zambia as part of its consolidation strategy. This resulted in Atlas Mara becoming one of the largest banks in Zambia, expanding its physical footprint from 23 branches to 65 branches, 176 ATMs and 23 agencies.

Bank mergers are challenging enough, and this merger was no different. It led to two different mobile banking systems that customers were logging in to, which led to back-end reconciliation challenges, customer queries, and more. Having two systems was not conducive to provide a seamless banking experience to Atlas Mara’s customers. This meant that there was an urgent need to have one single, unified mobile banking solution that would give all of Atlas Mara’s customers a seamless service.

Atlas Mara sent out an RFP for fintech solution providers and started looking at developing a strong, powerful, forward-looking mobile banking solution that would allow its customers to login to one solution that would combine the best of both the existing legacy mobile banking solutions.

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