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As a solution provider to emerging and developed economies, Modefin understands the value of the SME segment and their contribution to job creation and GDP growth. In Africa, SMEs account for 90% of companies, providing nearly 80% of the employment in this region. SME Banking from Modefin helps small and medium enterprises access banking services and engage in a virtual mode with the bank for credit, deposit, transaction and advisory services.


value proposition Why SME Banking from Modefin


Paperless onboarding of new customers through AI-based document verification.


In-built Cash Management Platform helps SMEs synchronise and reconcile accounts and invoices, assess their cash flow and serve more customers.


mPoS - Merchants can accept digital payments through their smart phones or tablets.


Through PoS Lending, SME Merchants can offer to finance customer purchases.


QR Code-based payment solution enables payment to be credited directly to the merchant’s account.


For customers with a good credit history, opportunity to offer SME Business Loans, Supplier/Invoice financing or other value-added services


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Universal Merchant Bank Ghana

Universal Merchant Bank (UMB) is a leading indigenous bank in Ghana which offers a diverse range of financial services to meet the banking needs of its customers.


Equity Bank Kenya

Equity Bank Fuels massive Transformation; migrates 3.5 mn SIM application Tool kit users and brings flexibility, stability and cost savings.

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SME Banking

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