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Group Savings and Lending from Modefin


Group Savings and Lending from Modefin is a forward-looking solution designed for Banks which wish to promote financial inclusion. Helps onboard customers in the lower income segment, or those in the periphery of the formal financial sector. Enables Group members to borrow for expenses, make miscellaneous payments, or avail funds for a contingency arising from adverse circumstances. For members wanting to save and earn interest, ensures safety of principal and transparency in operations.

Group Savings & Lending

value proposition Why Modefin’s Group Savings & Lending

Group Savings & Lending

Online portal for registration, migration and management of members.

Group Savings & Lending Solution

Enables online appointment of a Treasurer - authorised to act on a member’s behalf.

Group Savings & Lending

Treasurer can make payment to a supplier, bank loan or a monthly contribution payment

Group Savings & Lending Solution

Treasurer can impose fine or penalty on a member for not honoring a commitment.

Group Saving and Lending

Member can view Records pertaining to savings or borrowing, ensuring transparency.

Group Savings & Lending Solution

Instant alerts through SMS and email to the member about deposits and lending

Group Savings & Lending

Manages the member’s loan lifecycle cost-effectively and with in-built flexibility.


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Success Stories

Case study UMB Bank

Universal Merchant Bank Ghana

Universal Merchant Bank (UMB) is a leading indigenous bank in Ghana which offers a diverse range of financial services to meet the banking needs of its customers.

Case Study

Equity Bank Kenya

Equity Bank Fuels massive Transformation; migrates 3.5 mn SIM application Tool kit users and brings flexibility, stability and cost savings.

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