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Group Savings & Lending

Group Savings & Lending is a comprehensive solution that empowers banks & SACCOs to provide their customers with an app to manage and run an investment club with ease and flexibility. This solution helps to bring out transparency into financial group administration and automates the record-keeping process thereby helping the SACCOs & investment groups to efficiently manage their activities and transactions. The platform is accessible online through both desktop and mobile making it easily accessible for all the group members.

By leveraging Group Savings & Lending, the treasurer on the system can effortlessly handle the different payments made to the investment Group. These payments include contributions payments, penalty payments, customer payments, supplier payments, special deposits, member loan payments, and bank loan payments.


Financial Management

Helps the members of a group to keep track of their finances from incomes & expenses to profits & losses.

Membership Management

An online portal allows for registration, migration, bulk registration, and management of members.

Bank Account Management

It helps to record bank transactions from withdrawals to deposits and transfers and allows for easy reconciliation.

Expense Management

Provides a holistic view of expenses and makes it easy for the group to track the expenses as and when they occur. Eg. Land Purchase, Paying for services

Project Management

Easily track the expenses of a project and the contributions required from the members.

Loan Management

Manages the complete loan lifecycle cost-effectively and flexibly.

Financial Reports

Presents a robust report on group data through pre-configured and system-generated reports which can be downloaded in multiple formats.

Penalty/Fine Management

It makes it easy to impose fines on members for multiple categories and link them as per the bank’s business rule.

Alert and Notification

Intimates members of the group through SMS and email alerts about deposits and lending.

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