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Cash on the go. Payment on the go. Top-up on the go. Convenience on the go… the mobile wallet has transformed banking like never before. From a socio-economic perspective, the solution promotes financial inclusion, especially in underdeveloped countries with unbanked, unserved or underserved citizens. For millions of customers, Modefin’s Mobile Wallet has made a physical wallet or purse redundant and visits to the bank branch or ATM insignificant.

Mobile Wallet

value proposition Why Mobile Wallet from Modefin

Mobile wallet solution

Enables customers to access a wide range of services through delivery channels such as USSD, Android & iOS Apps

Mobile Wallet

Empowers a duly appointed Agent to offer a range of services to wallet customers and non-wallet customers

Mobile wallet Solution

Incorporates innovative service offerings such as QR Code Payments, Money Pooling, Micro Savings and Lending

Mobile Wallet Solution

A flexible back end for monitoring and managing country-specific compliances

Mobile Wallet Solution

Built in Core Banking / Accounting Capabilities

Mobile wallet

Reduction in multiple vendor dependency (single vendor for all channels)

USER CASE STUDY Tenga - Mobile Wallet Solution

Atlas Mara Zambia was created following the acquisition of Finance Bank Zambia Limited (“FBZ”) in 2016 and subsequent consolidation with Atlas Mara’s existing Zambian subsidiary, African Banking Corporation Zambia Limited (“BancABC Zambia”). The amalgamation of the two banks has resulted in a stronger, bigger and bolder bank with a footprint of 65 branches, 23 agencies and 176 ATMs, spread across Zambia’s ten provinces. The combined entity is the fifth largest bank in Zambia by revenue and one of the largest banks in Zambia in terms of branch footprint
CeIT has awarded Atlas Mara a Business Tech Innovate – BTI Award of Excellence 2019 for the bank’s Tenga Mobile Wallet service. Also, it was shortlisted for the 2021 Banking Tech Awards in the category of ‘Best Digital Banking Solution Provider.’ With Tenga, the bank is fulfilling a critical need to allow financial inclusiveness at all levels of society, irrespective of geography across Zambia.
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Tenga Mobile Wallet By Atma

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Modefin’s mWallet is the result of market research, the study of comparative solutions, and the assessment of current and future needs making it a Synthesis of Safety, Mobility, and Scalability solution.


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Success Stories

Atlasmara Success

Atlas Mara Zambia

Atlas Mara Zambia, founded in 2013 in Zambia, acquired BancABC and Finance Bank of Zambia as part of its consolidation strategy.

Agent Banking - Bank of Bhutan

Bank of Bhutan

Bank of Bhutan offers an advanced suite of digital banking applications, loaded with safety, convenience, and comfort, to its customer base of over 350,000.

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