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Cash on the go. Payment on the go. Top-up on the go. Convenience on the go… the mobile wallet has transformed banking like never before. From a socio-economic perspective, the solution promotes financial inclusion, especially in underdeveloped countries with unbanked, unserved or underserved citizens. For millions of customers, Modefin’s Mobile Wallet has made a physical wallet or purse redundant and visits to the bank branch or ATM insignificant.


value proposition Why Mobile Wallet from Modefin


Enables customers to access a wide range of services through delivery channels such as USSD, Android & iOS Apps


Empowers a duly appointed Agent to offer a range of services to wallet customers and non-wallet customers


Incorporates innovative service offerings such as QR Code Payments, Money Pooling, Micro Savings and Lending


A flexible back end for monitoring and managing country-specific compliances


Built in Core Banking / Accounting Capabilities


Reduction in multiple vendor dependency (single vendor for all channels)


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Success Stories


Universal Merchant Bank Ghana

Universal Merchant Bank (UMB) is a leading indigenous bank in Ghana which offers a diverse range of financial services to meet the banking needs of its customers.


Equity Bank Kenya

Equity Bank Fuels massive Transformation; migrates 3.5 mn SIM application Tool kit users and brings flexibility, stability and cost savings.

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