Modefin deploys a mobile
banking solution for CBZ Bank

CBZ Bank, Zimbabwe – Case Study

About CBZ Bank Case Study

IBS is presenting a case study on CBZ, one of the key client of Modefin. This case study gives a detailed view of Mobile Banking Solution provided to CBZ. Through the mobile solutions, CBZ was able to increase its customer base as well as visibility in the market, which helped increase bank’s revenue. It also accelerated the pace of digitization, reducing the need for in-person visits at bank branched boosting profitability. The mobile solution also allowed customers without a bank account to transact through wallets, improving CBZ’s customer reach.

“CBZ Bank, a commercial bank in Zimbabwe, was on a path to improve its mobile banking capabilities. With offerings like loans, savings, checking, investments, cards, mortgages, and more, it wanted to roll out an integrated mobile banking solution. They wanted the solution to have multi-service capabilities that allowed their customers to access information from their preferred medium, while ensuring that the bank did not have to deal with multiple vendors for different channels.

Using Modefin’s solution, CBZ Bank was able to offer CBZ Touch, an integrated mobile app that fit its customers’ changing lifestyle and allowed them to transact with ease and security from anywhere at any time.”

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