Looking back, looking ahead at Trends in Digital Payments

Our Founder & CEO, Amarnath Chowdary, and Chief Business Officer, Indranil Basu Roy, were interviewed by IBSi Fintech Journal, published by IBS Intelligence, a world-renowned technology research, advisory and media organisation.

Their response to questions brings out the big picture in digital payments like pixels forming a clear mosaic.

Chowdary, who is credited with transforming Modefin from start-up to global player to Star Performer, says banks no longer need to offer just the convenience of a mobile wallet… instead digital applications can be monetised by leveraging data and insights.

Roy, whose mandate is new business acquisition and key account management, says the evolved customer asks for API gateways and ways to interface with the emerging trend of Open Banking, while earlier the enquiries were for plain vanilla digital channels.

If you are a banker, systems integrator or fintech professional, you will find more nuggets of insights and pioneering ideas embedded in their answers to a wide range of questions. 

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