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Modefin provides USSD Banking as a part of its premium Omni Channel Banking Platform. Modefin’s USSD Banking allows customers to perform a variety of simple transactions, such as balance inquiries, account transfers, and bill payments, through their mobile phones using the *# code. This service enables bank customers, especially those in rural or underserved areas, to perform basic banking transactions over their cell phones without needing an Internet connection. The service benefits customers needing access to other modern banking channels, such as Internet banking or ATMs. Modefin’s Mobile Banking through USSD service is a convenient and efficient way for customers to manage their finances, and it contributes to the company’s mission of democratizing access to financial services.
Ussd Banking

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Ussd Security

It can interact with the USSD gateway over secure protocols like HTTPs/ Secure Sockets, provided the gateway supports them. It can seamlessly interact with any external system over HTTP/HTTPS/SOAP/ TCP/IP Secure Sockets. No information is stored on the phone to ensure no data loss.

Ussd Compatibility

It is one of the means of communicating in real-time with the backend server via the GSM network. So, it can be accessed using any handset without any overhead of manufacture-specific builds.

Ussd Accessibility

The session-based USSD protocol can easily access all the services. Users have to type alphanumeric numbers on their initial screen and press their call button, and then, in a very short time, the user will be connected to the USSD server using this protocol.

Ussd Support

SMPP was introduced to enable connection to SMSC and later updated for USSD. Some service applications require minor adaptation to be compatible with SMS and USSD. Turnaround times are shorted when USSD is used; SMPP is a standard protocol to relay SMS messages.

Ussd Dynamic Services Access

It provides dynamic updates of the services over GSM as the recently added services can be dynamically retrieved using USSD on mobile handsets.

Agent Banking solution

Easy access to value-added services to the customers.

Access your elite banking services through USSD Banking


Account Inquiry

Peer To Peer

Fund Transfer


Pay Bills

Mobile Recharge

Mobile Recharge

Cash Withdraw


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Modefin USSD Banking can be enabled quickly, depending on the customization required by the client. We offer a customizable, secure, low-end USSD Banking system on all mobile phones.


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