February 25th, 2021

3:30 PM IST



    Indranil Basu Roy

    Chief Business Officer, Modefin


    AtlasMara is leveraging digital banking

      Teza Ngulube

      Country Head – Retail & Digital Banking, ATMA Bank

      Can Zambia achieve its ambitions by 2022?

      When the Zambian Ministry of Finance unveiled its National Financial Inclusion Strategy, one of its goals was to increase financial inclusion (formal and informal) from 59% to 80%. To achieve this, one of the drivers was the inclusion of Digital Financial Services. Banks like Atlas Mara have embedded digital optimization in their strategy and are leading the way to realize NFIS goals.

      This edition of Boardroom Talk discusses this and more.

      Why Should You Attend?

      How Zambian banks are working towards financial inclusion and helping transform lives of the economically marginalized with digital banking services.

      Take the opportunity to engage with a leading Zambian banker and understand his views on the various facets of digital banking adoption.

      Participate in open and interactive discussions of the challenges, trends and regulatory frameworks that banks have to navigate in Zambia today.

      How are Governments, service providers and banks collaborating to ensure greater financial inclusion and delivery of ‘last mile’ services.

      Take the opportunity to meet your banking peers, thought leaders and innovators online and exchange ideas and concepts virtually.

      Explore growth options for your enterprise and seize cross-business opportunities in retail and digital banking in Zambia.